Hyalite Canyon, 40 miles

Hyalite Canyon is the prime recreation area south of Bozeman. It's a great climb, never getting too steep. The end of the pavement is at the dam that creates Hyalite reservoir. Here you'll get a great view of the reservoir and surrounding mountains while you enjoy a snack before the descent. Bring a light jacket, it's usually 10-20 degrees colder at the reservoir than in town.
If you've got a 'cross bike or bigger tires you can continue past the dam on dirt/gravel roads for a few more miles. Then when you're ready to head down get ready for a fun downhill, especially the last few miles at the bottom of the canyon where the road is twisty. Watch for rocks and gravel, though.
Traffic is usually light and courteous, but since the lower canyon is on the edge of the creek and has minimal shoulders I would advise against riding in big groups, or when traffic is heaviest (weekends, holidays).

The route is easy. Follow the route for the Cottonwood-Gooch Hill ride but hang a left when you get to Hyalite Canyon. It's easy to find. Once you make that left, stay on Hyalite Road until you can't go any more. Walk or ride briskly past the slide, and continue on up. It's about nine miles from 19th to the reservoir. If you feel like it, continue past the dam on the dirt roads for a few more miles.

'Cross Rides

With the growing population here in the Gallatin Valley many of our gravel and dirt roads are getting paved. That makes for an ever-increasing number of great road rides, but there are still a lot of dirt roads kicking around. If you've got a cyclocross bike (or are unafraid to ride your road bike on dirt) your options for rides just about doubles. I'll be putting up a few here in the next few days.

17 Miles, Kelly Canyon Loop

This is another favorite after-work ride on mine. It's best ridden with a cyclocross bike, but I have struggled through it on a road bike. You head east out of town along Frontage Road and cut across to Bridger Canyon Road along Kelly Canyon Road, which takes you up to one of the best views of the Bridger Mountains around. It then drops you down a fast and fun downhill before spitting you out on Bridger Canyon Rd. (Rt. 86) to head back into town. A fun and fast ride, with a challenging climb in the middle.
Looking at the Bridgers from the top of Kelly Canyon Road.

Springhill Loop-20 Miles

This ride takes you to the north of town. In the middle there's a nice climb that rewards you with a few miles of fast gradual downhill.

Here's a map.

Head east on Main street or Babcock. Babcock is a bit more bike-friendly with two lanes of one-way traffic and few lights.
Left on Rouse.
Stay on Rouse. You'll go under I-90 and across tracks.
There's a light as Rouse curves to the right. Take the left onto Griffin.
Go about .25 mile and make a right onto Manley Rd.
Stay on Manley until you come to a T.
Make a left on McIlhattan.
Stay on McIlhattan until a T
Right on Sypes.
Climb up Sypes, just a hair more than a mile and make a left on Summer Cutoff.
Stay on Summer Cutoff until a T, just about a mile.
Left on Saddle Mountain Rd.
When the road does a 90 degree right it turns into Walker Rd.
Stay on Walker until you get to a 4-way stop.
Left on Baseline.
Stay on Baseline until you get to a Stop sign on Springhill.
Left on Springhill
Stay on Springhill for about 4.5 miles.
After passing the golf course and crossing the East Gallatin make a left on Campbell Rd.
After about .25 mile make a left on Reeves Rd.
You'll come to a T at Frontage Rd.
Make a left on Frontage. Exercise caution, traffic is fast for about .5 mile.
Frontage turns into North 7th.
At the light, go Left on Griffin.
Take Griffin to Rouse.
Right on Rouse.
Stay on Rouse back into town.
At the second light make a Right on Mendenhall.
Take Mendenhall back.

Cottonwood-Gooch Hill Loop 30 Miles

This route became a favorite a few years ago when Cottonwood road got paved to Gallatin Gateway. It's about 30 miles, with a fun, fast consistent downhill run on Cottonwood. For the return trip Gooch Hill road climbs much more steeply than Cottonwood, so a lot of your climbing is over fairly quickly.
This is a fun, fast ride without a lot of traffic. I've tried to limit the amount of busy roads you need to ride on.

Here's a Google Map.

From town, head south on Willson
At the light on Kagy, go straight onto South 3rd
At the stop sign, go straight onto Wagon Wheel Rd.
Next stop, make a left back onto 3rd.
Right on Goldenstein
Quick left onto 3rd
Stay on 3rd for a few miles until you get to a 4-way stop at Nash
Straight through the intersection, the road will make two 90 degree turns: a left and a right.
Make a right on Bristol
At the T, left on Nez Perce
You'll come to a stop at 19th. Make a left carefully, cars can be traveling up to 75 mph.
Stay on 19th for a few miles until you get to a T.
Left on Cottonwood.
Stay on Cottonwood, after about 3.5 miles (13.5 total) you'll come to an intersection. Straight is a dirt road, right Cottonwood continues. Make the right.
Another 90 degree turn, go left to stay on Cottonwood
Keep going until you get to a T at Rt. 191
Go right, being mindful of the traffic.
After about .5 mile make a right on Gooch Hill Rd.
Stay on Gooch Hill. It's a gradual climb until about mile 20, then it gets a bit steeper.
Looking North on Gooch Hill Road, with the Bridger Mountains on the Right.

Keep going until about mile 24 and make a right on Stucky.
Stay on Stucky, crossing Cottonwood.
At the T, make a left on South 19th. Watch for traffic. The light at 19th and Stucky does not respond to bicycles, so you'll have to go through the red when the road is clear.
Head north on 19th for about a mile until you get to the light on College.
Right on College.
At the 4-way stop sign go straight. Be careful, this intersection is a nexus of stupidity.
At the next 4-way stop, make a left on South 8th.
Take 8th back to main.

South 3rd-Sourdough Loop

This is a local favorite for a quick after-work ride. It's about 13 miles and provides a consistent mild climb on 3rd before a fun big-ring downhill on Sourdough. On a clear day (usually the case) enjoy the view across the valley to the Tobacco Roots before heading back into town.
To add a good climb and a fun downhill, hang a right on Triple Tree Rd. off of Sourdough between miles 7 and 8. Head up the road until you get to the top, then turn around.

Go here for a Google Map.

From town, get yourself over to Willson and head south.
Keep going until you get to a light on Kagy.
Cross Kagy, the road becomes South 3rd.
Keep going straight, and go straight through the stop sign.
Stay on that road until you come to a T, which is 3rd.
Go left, then make a right on Goldenstein, left on 3rd, and keep going straight for a couple of miles.
At the 4-way stop take a left on Nash.
Stay on Nash until it ends and make a left on Sourdough.
Stay on Sourdough for a few miles, and you'll get to a stop sign at Kagy.
Straight will take you back into town.


Thanks for checking out the Bozeman Road Rides blog. My plan for this blog is to maintain a nice selection of road rides in the Bozeman, Montana area. We've got a strong cycling community, great roads with nice views, and a cycling-friendly town, so if you're going to be visiting, make sure you bring your bike...you won't be disappointed!
I'll start with a few of our standard rides, and as I accumulate more info (landmarks, photos, other info) I'll post them too. All descriptions will have links to a Google Maps site with mile markers and elevations.
For starters, I'm going to stick to purely paved rides with no more than a mile or so of gravel/dirt. As I record more rides, I'll include ones that necessitate a cyclocross bike.

Thanks for visiting and have a great ride!